Liberal drinking policies

The booze business has a longstanding history of hiring former provincial Liberal aides. For example, Premier Gordon Campbell's policy coordination and issues management deputy chief of staff Tom Syer recently became the Western Canada public affairs director for Labatt Breweries of Canada Ltd. Prior to that, former ministerial assistant Cheryl Maitland joined Canada's National Brewers as their public relations manager. And now, we have another example: Kim Haakstad. Ms. Haakstad is leaving Karyon Group, ex-legislator Karn Manhas's company, to become executive director of the Alliance of Beverage Licensees of B.C. The following is a complete copy of that announcement.

June 22, 2007
Re: New ABLE Executive Director

We are very pleased to announce that our new Executive Director with ABLE BC is, Ms. Kim Haakstad. She will officially begin her position on Monday July 9, 2007.

With her strong background in government relations and senior management positions, we are confident that she will be a positive addition to our growing association.

Her contact information will be posted on our website shortly,


Is this the same group that Brenda Locke et al belong to?

sounds like it.

What an interesting followup to the recent post on the decrease in the wholesale price to private liquor stores. There are connections within connections within the private liquor store industry - and ABLE is the industry "voice".

ABLE lobbies and receives loosened regulation and lower wholesale prices. Its members contributed heavily to the Liberals in the election. Now we see the other shoe dropping, with the cross-fertilisation of personnel at the political and bureaucratic level.

I wonder where are The Sun's headlines about "friends and insiders"?

Yes folks. Clearly there is a massive conspiracy by the beer industry to hire up people who once worked on Liberal campaigns.

Put on your tin foil hats. They are probably reading our minds right now! The alcohol industrial complex has taken control of our provincial government!

Ben Parsons, you are right! Sean didn't even mention one of the most blatant BC Liberal beer boys - Labatt vice-president Neil Sweeney, the former deputy chief of staff to Gordon Campbell.

Gee, those jobs used to go to ex-Socred hacks, didn't they.

Must be a typo.

The alcohol industrial complex has taken control of our provincial government!

To be blunt, BenParsons, as between the ill-fated trip to Maui and Minister Thorpe's long career in the brewing sector few thought any takeover was needed.

Budd, my grade five english teacher is turning in her grave. Perhaps you could restate your nonsense into a decipherable statement.

Are you suggesting that Cambells DUI has something to do with the Liquor Industry's influence on our government? Please do furnish us with reasoning for this amazing insight you have.

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