The Razor's Edge

Earlier, we reported former provincial Green outreach coordinator Ben West might run in the race to succeed Adriane Carr, who stepped as party leader last September. And it looks like Mr. West is getting ready to step up to the startling line. For one thing, according to his Facebook entry, the bearded backroom boy is now clean shaven - a not insignifcant personal grooming decision. After all, facial hair is, in the words of Bill Mackay, "taboo in politics." But, more important, is the fact that Mr. West seems to be putting together some kind of advisory committee for his prospective leadership bid.


but beads are so in with indie rock... and who votes Green? Band of Horses fans... bring back the beard Mr. West.

i like ben sans beard.

Clean shaven: Liberal
Moustache: NDP
Crazy beard: Green

By shaving it off, Ben is distorting the hair/political party continuum.

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