A false start

Earlier this month, Paralympian Ian Gregson announced he would be running for the leadership of the provincial Greens. But, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Gregson says he's pulling out of that race - principally because the party is requiring contestants to make a $1,000 nomination deposit. Instead, he'll be supporting Esquimalt councillor Jane Sterk in her leadership bid. "I talked to Jane via email and certainly endorsed her and will support her in whatever way I can," Mr. Gregson added.

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Greens can only get elected if they can get PR into the elective system, but I dont know if people are still concerned with Kyoto Protocol when we have reached that point.

Here is hoping to see another centrist Green Party who made Carole James look like a hypocrit, Gordon Campbell could have lost few more members of his party had Green Part not intervened.

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