Border crossings

On Tuesday, Premier Gordon Campbell told members of the Vancouver Board of Trade his administration would be working with the business community, the non-profit sector and local governments to reach its environmental goals. But, more than four months after the Liberals made climate change their most important policy priority, some members of those communities are wishing the government would do a better job communicating what exactly that work will entail.

One source connected to the province's environmental groups says the amount of information being provided by the British Columbia government about its regional carbon trading initiative, "is nil." As a result, those organizations "are looking elsewhere for information on the process in British Columbia - mainly south of the border to jurisdictions in the U.S. which are being more open and less secretive about what's going on."

Indeed, a source familiar with the business community says, "It sometimes feels like there's more feels like there's more information about what's happening in B.C. in California than there is in B.C." - a troubling comment, given that it's expected the trading system will have a profound impact on the provincial economy. Both sources spoke on condition of anonymity.

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