The none-of-the-above option?

Former Progressive Democratic Alliance leader Gordon Wilson has been hearing from British Columbians who think the province needs a third party. Although Mr. Wilson, a former New Democrat cabinet minister, certainly isn't volunteering to do the job himself. "There's no question there are a very, very significant number of disaffected voters - people who voted Liberal who simply don't like the way the Campbell government is handling the Basi-Virk trial, the selling off of Crown assets, the things that they said they wouldn't do that they've been doing. And now it seems there's no accountability and no openness."

"And, on the flipside of the coin," continued Mr. Wilson, "they don't think they're getting any kind of vocal opposition that's worthwhile from Carole James - with maybe one or two possible exceptions in the opposition. So I've had lots of phone calls from being saying, 'Let's get back at it. Let's resurrect the PDA or start something new or whatever.' So I think there's an appetite out there for sure for people to have more open, more accountable, more responsive government. But whether anybody could actually put the money together to make that happen is another question."


Well, the leadership of the BC Greens is vacant. So if anyone's interested in leading a third party, there's a ready-made option, such as it is. Maybe Wilson could be persuaded to run after all. Or maybe Bill Vander Zalm. Once you've been in three political parties already, it can't be that difficult to join a fourth....

I wonder if guys like Wilson have their fingers crossed and are praying for STV to pass. For a slick talkin’ salesman you might just be able to get your six years in under a system like the STV. Should be interesting to see who else starts to crawl out of the woodwork

"Should be interesting to see who else starts to crawl out of the woodwork."

Pine beetles?

Certainly Mr. Wilson's political wisdom is refreshing but a deaf, dumb & blind citizen in a cabin in Yellowknife could have told you this "conventional wisdom" over a year ago !

Saints preserve us if we've dipped so low in this province that we're now getting commentary from the likes of Mr. Tyabji on how the province may or may not feel.

Wilson used to a pretty good MLA as a critic. I followed his questions about aboriginal stuff and the fact that occupiers were getting the shaft when a problem came up. Then he got booted and ended up as a NDP Cabinet Minsister. First conference he showed up and started with."Critics will dine on my words" A lot of people in the Indian business dined on them especialy the occupiers who were left out to dry. As a occupier who spent a number of years trying to convince governments we were getting a raw deal he went from a sane voice to no voice. He used to rail on about taxation without reprentation, no laws applied to us etc. An occupier is a non band member living on federal land set aside ,called reserves.So like so many politicians he followed the so called glamour of being a minister. Too bad. He was no John Cashore for sure.

If the Conservative Party of BC would build a strong platform with Financial Accountability Act such as passed federally as its centerpiece, they would sweep these Liberals out of office.

One step further, FAA like provisions in the Local Govt Act so that developers and unions can't buy muncipal elections anymore.

"Conservative Party of BC"


By George, I think you are onto something.

Maybe we can add energy corporations, fish farm owners, forestry giants, railways, chambers of commerce and other corporte lobbyists to that list of groups banned from buying elections.

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