Silent running

The premier's office doesn't seem to want to talk about their new top climate change bureaucrat's background. So let's see what Graham Whitmarsh has to say about his credentials. Back when he was president and chief executive officer of Mercury Scheduling Systems Inc, Mr. Whitmarsh shared his thoughts about teamwork with Document Boss, a company servicing the electronic document, eneterprise content and business process management industries. And, in an article posted on the company's Website, he describes himself as having "20 years of experience as a team member and Leader, in Sporting, Military and Corporate environments." Hmmm...still no mention of him having been involved in any carbon trading or climate change work. Although Document Boss does mention Mr. Whitmarsh's "earlier career included being a specialist submarine warfare officer with the Royal Navy." So he does have experience with things that prefer to remain hidden. One wonders where that might come in handy.

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