Up in the air

Graham Whitmarsh, the province's new top climate action bureaucrat, appears to have had a long-standing business relationship with Harmony Airways - the company once presided over by former finance minister Gary Collins. Earlier, we reported Mr. Whitmarsh, the former president and chief executive officer of Mercury Scheduling Systems Inc., worked at the now defunct full-service airline. And now we've learned, HMY Airways - Harmony's predecessor - purchased software from Mr. Whitmarsh's firm. In March 2003, it was announced HMY had "signed a 3-year agreement to license Mercury's crew tracking system, Magellan." At the time of that deal, Mr. Collins was not president of Harmony. Mercury's airline software business was subsequently sold to AD OPT Technologies Inc. in July 2003.


Seriously, where do you think these career beauracrats r going to be when their party loses power on the government, even NDP premier got recruited into the big corporate world, wait for Carole James to drive her gas-sizzling SUV to her corporate office after she retires.

I read somewhere that Carole James drove a Subaru. Not exactly a gas guzzling SUV.

When Carole James starts to make the kinda of money Glen Clark is making, trust me, she is gonna upgrade her SUV.

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