Perhaps they were thinking outside the box?

In an email to Public Eye, the premier's communications director Dale Steeves stressed Graham Whitmarsh was appointed head of the climate action secretariat following a "competitive process which was advertised extensively in major newspapers." But, to qualify for that post, it appears Mr. Whitmarsh didn't need any environmental credentials. According to the job description, applicants were advised they should "understand the challenges, complexities and issues inherent in addressing a broad policy challenge such as climate change." But, you'll notice, not necessarily climate change. Earlier, we reported Internet and newspaper database searches (including LexisNexis) show no reference to Mr. Whitmarsh being involved in any carbon trading or climate change work.The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned job description.

Head Climate Action Secretariat

Climate Action Secretariat

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The Province is taking action on climate change. We have established an ambitious agenda to meet or beat the best practices in North America for reducing carbon and other greenhouse gases.

You can share your passion for climate action and your innovative ideas by being part of a team that will ensure BC is at the forefront of environmental and economic leadership for years to come.

The Head of the Climate Action Secretariat will lead a dedicated team of public servants who will coordinate climate action activities across government, manage key cross-government projects, and offer policy support to all ministries as they apply their own mandates to help meet internal and external climate change targets.

In order to position BC relative to this agenda, you will be responsible for providing leadership that is outcome-focused and innovative in order to achieve the prescribed objectives and outcomes.

As a strategic leader you understand the challenges, complexities and issues inherent in addressing a broad policy challenge such as climate change. Your experience as a strategist and problem solver, combined with your ability to get results, have prepared you to take on this opportunity. In this role you will be accountable for developing and promoting strategies while securing support for the Secretariat's initiatives and must be comfortable in a high public profile position dealing with Ministers, government executives, the media, and a variety of stakeholders.

You will be able to demonstrate that at an executive level you can lead change, seek and quickly implement creative and practical ideas, inspire bold and imaginative thinking in your staff and stakeholders, and find better ways to work collaboratively in a dynamic organization.

You also will possess related post-secondary education and a range of competencies including leadership, strategic thinking, results orientation and relationship building and will have extensive senior management experience and have demonstrated success as a leader who has built teams and programs, and is strategic and outcome-oriented.

To express your interest in this opportunity, send your resume to by May 7, 2007. Please identify salary expectations.

Competition: Head, Climate Action Secretariat
Closing Date: 2007-05-07

NOTE: This data provided for informational purposes only. The Province of British Columbia disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of the information, and this information should not be used as a basis for making financial or any other commitments.

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