A harmonious relationship?

Earlier, we reported the premier's office has repeatedly refused to answer detailed questions about the background of climate action secretariat head Graham Whitmarsh. Internet and newspaper database searches show no reference to Mr. Whitmarsh being involved in any carbon trading or climate action work. Although, according to news releases and trade publications, Mr. Whitmarsh has extensive experience in the airline information technology and aerospace industries. And now Public Eye has exclusively learned Mr. Whitmarsh's involvement with those industries appears to have included a recent stint at Harmony Airways. The now defunct full-service airline's still operational phone system includes a directory entry for Mr. Whitmarsh, as well as a recorded message from the man himself. As our astute readers know, Harmony's president was once former finance minister Gary Collins.

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"...passion for climate action..."
"...a recent stint at Harmony Airways..."
"Please identify salary expectations..."

Sounds like a new way to say
'Jobs for the boys' to me.

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