Oral fixations

It seems British Columbia's aboriginal people aren't the only ones with a rich oral history. Back in March, Public Eye requested access under the province's freedom of information legislation to the "meeting minutes and agendas" of deputy ministers' council since September 1, 2006. But, according to a letter sent by the ministry of finance's information planning and services branch on April 17, "the office of the premier has no records that fall within the scope of your request." So does this mean the council doesn't keep a record of its deliberations? Well, the premier's communications director Dale Steeves has repeatedly refused to answer that question, instead suggesting we take the issue up with information and privacy commissioner David Loukidelis. But New Democrat leader Carole James was more than happy to comment, saying, "If the government is really keeping absolutely no records (of deputy ministers' council), it really shows the lengths that government will go to to avoid answering questions.”


Ahhh, Gordo and his famous "transparent and accountable" government. I guess it ended with the public and very staged "cabinet (advertisements) meetings...remember them?

Maybe the fellows got the word from Dobbell when he claimed not to keep notes and deleted emails on arrival. Other famouse words "I can't recall", works almost every time

If you want a complete picture of the current state of FOI under the Liberals, join the the Campaign for Open Government - see -


Campbell promised support for open government, but he has instead delivered six years of secrecy and cuts to information access!

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