Meanwhile, on content consultant street

Last week, "the lawyer for Premier Gordon Campbell's special adviser accused the NDP of engaging in 'gutter politics' by filing official complaints that say Ken Dobell has violated the federal Lobbyists Registration Act." This, according to The Globe and Mail's Ian Bailey. But Mr. Dobell isn't Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP partner George Macintosh only political client. The civil litigator recently filed a statement of defence on behalf of Vancouver councillor Peter Ladner, who is alleged to have Downtown Eastside Residents Association director Kim Kerr And he's also representing former Pilothouse Public Affairs Inc. lobbyist Erik Bornman in another case featuring what some might describe as "gutter politics."

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So Mr. George Macintosh is representing Ken Dobell AND Erik Bornman.

So what do we know about them?

Well we know that at one of them is a self-confessed briber of government officials.

And, we know that the other one has admitted to deleting e-mails as fast as he can - in effect, avoiding FOI requests.

Imagine that...

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