What is reasonable?

Earlier, we opined the New Democrats abrogated their responsibility as British Columbia's opposition by repeatedly refusing to comment on flaws in the MLA pay-and-pension panel process. But party finance critic Bruce Ralston has taken that hear no evil, see no evil approach even further. During second reading debate of the legislation enacting those recommendations, the Surrey-Whalley legislator referred to the panel as a "reasonable commission." Of course, we're still puzzling over what aspect of the commission Mr. Ralston thinks is reasonable - the fact the panel made its recommendation in the absence of one member? Or perhaps he think it's reasonable the commission's membership was limited to a corporate chief executive officer, a former judge and a business professor? Inquiring minds want to know.


Come on Sean. You are expecting too much in demanding answers here. Carole Zombies can't think for themselves.

Niether can those hand puppets from the BC Liberal side on this issue.

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