Thought versus action leader?

Christopher Ian "Wonder Boy" Bennett has been described as "a thought leader in political communications, PR and electoral strategy." But, despite being appointed leader of the provincial Greens on April 21, Mr. Bennett doesn't appear to have been doing much thinking about British Columbian politics. The reason: the New Democrat's decision to accept part of the independent commission to review MLA compensation's controversial recommendations has opened up an opportunity for the Greens to distinguish themselves by opposing the pay-and-pension package in its entirety. But it's been 27 days since that package was first announced. And the Greens have yet to put out a news release commenting on the controversy. Although, last month, they did urge the Campbell administration to "stimulate and support local farming economies throughout BC." Which is nice.

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I am sure that all the Green MLAs will be refusing every penny of the pay increase. Permanently.

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