We're past the terrible twos

It was Public Eye's third birthday on Sunday. So, in celebration, your humble organ is going to be taking it easy over the next few days - catching up on some research, responding to overdue emails, filing freedom of information requests and...most importantly...napping. That means posting will be somewhat sporadic until next week (although we'll do our best to cover the Coalition of Progressive Electors executive elections). In the meantime, here's some recommended reading: former provincial New Democrat ministerial assistant and candidate Richard Tones has dipped his pinky toe into the Internet, starting up a blog commenting on British Columbia politics. So enjoy.


Happy Birthday!!! Terrific work - you've come so far these past three years! Very proud of you. Keep it up!

Hey Holman. It's Dagmar. Congratulations, your Public Eye has now lasted longer than any of my marriages. In fact, it has lasted longer than my last three combined due on one occasion to an unfortunate pot addition, and on another occasion to an other horse. But enough about me. It's your day to celebrate! Keep up the good work Holman.



And speaking of glorious events, The Metro's Jeff Hodson is on his honey moon! Looks like he just got married.

Yay, Jeff!

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