Up, up and away

Campbell administration fixture Andy Orr - who has been the executive director of the public affairs bureau since 2001 - is leaving the provincial government. He's joining Kimanda Jarzebiak's firm Ascent Public Affairs Inc. as its vice-president, taking over from Rozi Dobreci. Mr. Orr, whose resignation takes effect today, had been the principal communications conduit between the administration and the press gallery. So it's hard to overstate the significance of his departure.


Further, regarding the significance of Mr. Orr's departure....

Were there any significant reasons for it?


Hmmmm. Andy Orr left as NDP Premier Mike Harcourt's press sectretary to go lobbying before Harcourt's term ended too, with the premier in deep shark-infested waters.

Is Andy sending a message?


Is Andy Orr subject to a one year ban from contacting government as was the case with the MA in Finance?

If there is not, it seems to be a case of different strokes for different lobbyists....

What would be interesting...would be to find out if Mr. Orr signed, or was asked to sign, a mutual release concerning any 'communications work' which may have crossed his desk during his tenure.....

Bill, you're hillarious. A message? Ha! You've seen the polls. It's called a promotion. Most of the human race aspires to better themselves over time.

Good for you Andy. Andy is one of the true "good guys".

Big Red - it's you who is too funny! You seem to forget that Andy Orr has ALREADY been a lobbyist and after a short while fled the private sector for the cosy confines of the Legislature to work for a man he used to work against - Gordon Campbell.

You may also be the only person in BC who thinks that becoming a lobbyist is something the human race aspires to! Now, aspiring to be a "content consultant" like Ken Dobell and collecting a total of $800,000 a year - that's more like it!

And I didn't say that the Liberals were in deep shark-infested waters, I asked if the Premier was.

Is Andy one of the "good guys"? Ask Mike Harcourt or a few other New Democrats.

I personally think that Bill Tieleman has a good point. Any departure from a Premier or Prime Minister's staff is normally analyzed in terms of any signal that may be involved.

However, given current polling figures one might think that there's little in the way of "sinking ship" signals to be discerned. But that's if the only relevant circumstance is public opinion standings. Does Andy Orr know something we don't?

More than likely Andy Orr's scope of work was partially taken over. So he left in disgust.

There's always power plays going on, and political
people, espcially those close to the Premier, try to either micromanage or move into things where they don't belong.

Surprised though. Campell is supposed to be this
model administrator.

But he's become an example of micromanagment, which in itself is not good for a working environment.

Seems to be that he's getting worse all the time to the point who would really want to work in that office?

Andy Orr has always effectively protected his own interest. His affability, unobstructiveness and ongoing media friendships -- among other traits -- allowed him a longer career in political life than most. I suspect they will also serve him well as he joins the many former BCL government insiders who are now in the government relations industry.

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