Another benefit brought to you by hindsight

The independent commission to review MLA compensation has been a source of much controversy since its recommendations were made public. But that controversy might have been avoided if members of the legislature had acted on C.J. Connaghan's suggestion in his 1992 report that they "make provision for the appointment of an independent body as a part of the process of determining appropriate levels of remuneration for Members." Specifically, he called for the naming of "an independent, neutral and knowledgeable person from private life" who could, among other tasks, conduct a "period review" of the Connaghan formula "and the underlying structure to ensure both remain relevant." The Connaghan formula, an annual cost-of-living adjustment to MLA salaries, was implemented following release of the 1997 citizens' panel report on MLA compensation. But a commissioner on MLA remuneration wasn't appointed.

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