The Big Chill

Provincial Liberals have once again tried to turn down the temperature in the legislature by suggesting the New Democrats are at risk of legal action - this time, by asking questions about the Basi-Virk trial. "Go say it oustide," heckled House Leader Mike de Jong during today's question period. "Say it in the hallway," demanded Solicitor General John Les. So what does New Democrat leader Carole James make of those threats? Speaking with reporters, Ms James said, "I think it shows this government will do absolutely anything to avoid answering questions. They're trying to threaten people. They're trying to raise concerns that if you say things something might happen. Well, we're going to raising these issues on behalf of the public. These are serious allegations. The public deserves answers. And they certainly deserve better than they're getting from this government."


James better be careful, she might end up with a pile of manure on her front lawn:

The behavior by Mike de Jong cannot but remind me of our ancestory. What does a "cornered" animal do? Yes, I know its a rhetorical question!

Mike always wanted to be somebody important. he now has a new title. "Minister of Defence" given to him by the Opposition in question period yesterday

I trust James and Co. will continue asking those embarrassing questions in the legislature. The answers so far say more than either de Jong or Les seem to realize.

Brings to mind the old phrase: "you can run but you can't hide."

James, Krog and the others should call de Jong's silly bluff. The next time he tells them to say it outside, they should say that they have and they will continue to do so, and then ask what he's going to say outside. Will it be same gutless evasions he has used in the House?

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