Shocker: Brian on line one supports highways

When last we reported on on our good friend Brian Bonney, he had abruptly resigned as the operations director for the provincial Liberals. But just because he isn't on the party payroll anymore, doesn't mean Mr. Bonney isn't still toiling away in the backrooms on behalf of the Campbell administration. For example, yesterday, in an email sent to industry members, BC Trucking Association communications coordinator Sandra Azanchi encouraged them to support Get Moving BC, "a non-profit, grassroots organization composed of individuals, businesses and organizations in the Greater Vancouver area advocating a balanced, efficient, and sustainable transportation infrastructure." And who should they contact for more information about this pro-Gateway Program group? Well, if you guessed Mr. Bonney, you'd be right!

Last month, The Georgia Straight's Matthew Burrows also reported on Fort Langley-Aldergrove Liberal constituency association vice-president Jordan Bateman and former Port Moody-Burke Mountain election candidate Greg Moore's involvement with Get Moving BC. As our astute readers know, Mr. Moore is a regional organizer for the party. The following is an edited copy of the aforementioned email.



The Gateway Program stands to finally alleviate the over $500 million that congestion is costing our industry each year and bring relief for all Lower Mainland residents from the ever-increasing traffic that is slowly grinding our region to a halt. Despite this, various groups are vocally protesting the Gateway Program. Some of these groups oppose new road and bridge infrastructure because of environmental concerns, notwithstanding the environmental harm caused by stop-and-go traffic. Others are simply opposed to growth in the region, opposing, for instance, the expansion of Deltaport. These groups have received significant attention in the media as their voices are disproportionately loud vis-à-vis their public base of support.

The opposition to the Gateway Program is well organized and, thus far, a countervailing group supporting the Gateway Project and economic development had been absent. Attached is information about "Get Moving BC," a newly established group, which is attempting to fill this void and counteract the negative publicity generated by the opponents of the Gateway Program. Get Moving BC is a non-profit, grassroots organization composed of individuals, businesses and organizations in the Greater Vancouver area advocating a balanced, efficient, and sustainable transportation infrastructure. To date, Get Moving BC has the support of the BC Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, the Independent Construction Business Association, Canada Wide Magazines and others.

Our industry's efficiency and, ultimately, profitability depend on adequate and effective road infrastructure and the need for vocal, organized support of the Gateway Program is greater than ever. Your contribution is vital. Please show your support by supporting Get Moving BC. To find out how your company can help, please contact Brian Bonney at Get Moving BC.


Sandra Azanchi
Communications Coordinator
BC Trucking Association


So the BC Roadbuilders and others looking to get fat off the planned Gateway Program, are starting to fret a little about potential opposition to this latest episode of blacktop politics.

Of course this group would be among the province's "leaders" who assured us way back in the early '80s that the Coquihalla Highway would be a financial cake walk too.

And of course, the temporary tolls would be erased quickly as the highway paid for itself.

Does anyone know of a dictionary that defines "quickly" as slightly longer than two decades?

Don't rush with your answer. I'm from the interior and have learned to be patient as "quickly" as the next guy in dealing with promises.

Since The Gateway Project is going ahead as is the Golden Ears Bridge (now being built), plus the Perimeter Roads, Canada Line, etc. what is the use of this group?

Seems to be a group that doesn't have much weight since the projects are going ahead anyway.

If this is a 'non profit' organization, are they registered under the Societies Act?

Whre exactly does the money go to? It doesn't take much expense to run a website and pamplets can be printed for $200.

Other than Jordan Bateman and Greg Moore, who else is involved with it?

Brian has little education in transportation (and this seems to be another 'make work' project on the political side rather than the practical side

This will develop into an anti-Anti-Gateway group
and a paycheque for Brian and not much more.

Does anyone know why Brian Bonney left the BC Liberals? Whats the scoop.

I doubt these groups are looking to get fat, they just don't want the construction slowed down by all these David Suzuki led groups that don't want our city to grow. I never see anybody complaining about all these negative citizen action groups. I'm pretty tired of hearing about these groups that complain about every transportation initiative that's taking place. Like twinning the Port Mann, doesn't that just make sense. I doubt anybody that complains about it has to drive across it. I don't know about the tolls, but shouldn't the people who use the new bridges and highways have to pay for them. I'd be happy to pay a dollar or two if I can get across the fraser river in under 30 minutes in the morning.


Good call Steve, since the gateway projects are going ahead, this group like so many others seems kinda pointless. This would be like somebody complaing about that the new Canada Line Skytrain to richmond, its already happening deal with it. I wonder why the trucking association even cares, most of these projects are already happening.

Jared, There is info aplenty on this site and their new blog that demonstrates quite clearly why twining the Port Mann and doubling Hwy 1 is only a stop gap measure. Besides that, with oil at $1.30/litre ($5.75/gallon)and climbing, we'd all be better off if they just did the less expensive option of a good transit system out to the Valley. Because in 10 years we won't be able to afford driving into Vancouver anymore by ourselves.

Everybody gets money from somewhere, it would be funny if we could find a simliar email from the people at the asking CUPE members for money.

Jared, There is info aplenty on this site and their new blog ...

I suspect that Nic Slater is intelligent enough to know that the inspirationally titled "livableregion" site contains propaganda, not information.

If you look through their material you won't find papers authored by experts with professional reputations to maintain, such as a tenured professor at a university. Instead, you find MA level people who are employed by an advocacy group signing their names to various critiques.

In my opinion, these foot soldiers are being used in the holy war against Gateway that's being pursued by Vancouver and Burnaby real estate and political interests cleverly disguised as "greens". In reality, the only green thing any of these people really care about preserving and protecting is the immense untaxed capital gain in their principal residence, when they fear might diminish slightly if Gateway makes suburban locations more accessible.

Sad to see so many who would otherwise consider themselves progressives lining up behind the trucking association and other tar layers so as to avoid ever having to take transit.

The green I am worried about Budd is the stuff that'll continue coming off me in taxes to pay for the tar, stone and steel that'll keep the Vancouver and Burnaby car dealers association voting Liberal.

Best buy a house with parking soon or there will be none anyhwere in the LM when the vehicles volumes quickly fill in the new Gateway vacuum.

It'll be enough to get the used car sales types running for office once again.

The odd thing about this so-called advocacy group is that they may be two to three years too late.

The public hearings in regards to the largest projects, the Highway 1 /Port Mann project, the Pitt River Bridge, the Golden Ears Bridge, the South Fraser Perimeter Road have all gone through first and second Public Consulations, and the third is just s refinement of the basic design concepts. The Canada Line is about at the half way point in construction, and the Evergeen Line is just waiting for funding.

There's one public consultation hearing series
left on the Highway 1 / Port Mann project.

If there was more useful advocacy group than this one, it would have been established two years ago
when public input was at its peak.

Basically what people are doing are paying someone to print pamphlets about support of the projects (the more interesting information are available on the project websites), and buttons.

The Livable Region Plan is just a set of guidelines and is not a statuatory obligation. It is an agreement, but good plans are revised over time, and the current.

It doesn't take a genius to come up with supportive statements.

One wonders how useful and how long this GetMoving BC concept will last.

Andy why go to this advocacy group when smart people can attend meetings and talk to their MLA's on their own? or write letters to the editor
by themselves.

Seems to be not much more than a bunch people who
hold up signs and write a poorly written website.

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