Run silent, run cheap?

Today, Canadian Taxpayers Federation British Columbia communications director Maureen Bader said "the lack of consensus" on the MLA pay-and-pension commission "means the premier should revoke the panel's recommendations right now." So you'd think the provincial New Democrats, who claim they're opposed to the commission's proposals, would be hopping on the same band wagon. But, when Opposition legislators were asked for comment on commission member Sandra Robinson's statement that the panel's recommendations were changed while she was in Europe, they gave none. So why might that be, you may wonder? Well, in an interview with Public Eye, caucus communications director Chris Gainor explained, "The relevant thing for us right now is what the government does in its bill. And we're awaiting the government's bill."


Where is Carole James or Harry Lali on this topic? In hiding ? Afraid ?

Give me a break! So when it comes to the BC Rail deal the only thing that concerns the NDP is the outcome of the sale and not the process?!? If the NDP is only concerned about outcomes and not process, perhaps one of their leading lights can explain their talking points regarding the Mustel poll results - which are mostly about process.
It's all well and good to say that the NDP caucus is going to vote against the package. But it's fairly clear that by avoiding some of the most egregious aspects of the process the NDP is providing government caucus members with the political cover to vote the package through.

Kevin...well said.. Speak up everyone! Perfesser....what?! Process is the devil's word! I've got a mouse in the house this spring and of all the traps I've set none have worked.....let's see what's in the bill once the outrage has been properly gauged.

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