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Earlier today, Public Eye exclusively reported Sandra Robinson, a member of the independent commission to review MLA compensation, disagreed with the "type and the actual size" of the pension plan recommended by the panel. And she further stated changes to the panel's recommendations were made while she was out of country. Prof. Robinson, who teaches at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business, tried to retract those statements, which were made during an on-the-record, taped interview. And it seems she's doesn't want to discuss the issue on air either. This morning, Prof. Robinson was scheduled to be a guest on The Bill Good Show, as part of a segment on national mental health week. The following is a transcript of that abbreviated interview on CKNW.

Mr. Good It's mental health week in Canada. And we are going to talk about work/life/balance in this segment. But, speaking of work/life/balance and stress, Sandra Robinson is a professor in the Sauder School of Business at UBC. She's also one of the panelists who recommended a controversial pay and benefits package for BC MLAs. And I raise this, because, Ms. Robinson, 24 hours is reporting today you are unhappy with the final version. So I feel I must ask you, was the report changed after you signed-off on it? Sandra Robinson?

Prof. Robinson (audible click)

Mr. Good Are you there? Apparently, not. We do know that she didn't want to comment on it. But I felt I had to ask the question.


If they put this to a vote, Gordon will be out the Victoria faster than the speed of light. Given that this is a free vote, once the bill gets defeated, it'll just be a huge victory for NDP making Carole James that much of a "representative of the people". I would not risk that.

Forget the hypothesis, FHK.

This bill is good as passed.

This wouldn't have been a victory for Carole until Robinson spoke up. I guess having James reach out to the business community is working because this Business prof. just gave the NDP an early x-mas present.

James can now be labeled as being in the pocket of big business after this Business Prof, and elitist just handed her the largest political victory of her career.

Good work, Sean, that was very enlightening.

And Prof. Robinson is to be commended as well for standing up for taxpayers' interests and for transparency in revealing the process issues that arose in the final delivery of the group's report. Why suddenly so reticent, though -- where's the shame in shedding light on a topic of intense public interest and/or on reporting publicly on a role she performed and recommendations that she delivered on our behalf?

this provincial government has a reputation for playing hardball . . . makes me wonder if that happened again here with Professor Robinson. . .

My bleeding heart goes out to Gordon Campbell's pension coordinators. Oh, the misery.

Yes, I think you'll have to change the new estimates.

Oh well, I'm sure you've wisely taken adantage of the considerable changes in railway stocks, (especially here in the west), over the past couple of years.

Hey, if things get hot, just call on brother Mikey to confuse with a little economic bafflegab. It works, sometimes.

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