Leaving well enough alone?

Yesterday, we reported provincial New Democrat legislator Harry Lali had been relieved of his critic duties - this, after apologizing for saying he would support the independent commission to review MLA compensation's controversial recommendations. You'd think that would be more than enough remedial action to be getting on with. But it seems there's once again talk Mr. Lali may be suspended from caucus - this, after The Province's Michael Smyth quoted Mr. Lali as saying, "It's the first time in my life that I've been punished for just telling the truth and speaking my mind." Mr. Lali then went on to tell Mr. Smyth, "I don't intend to make a liar out of myself" when asked whether he still intends to vote for the commission's pay-and-pension package.


Harry should read the Ipso Reid poll where well over 60 percent of those polls said they wouldn't vote for a MLA going for the raise. He might listen to that not left of center writer Norman Specton who was writing about the pay issue, and on raio today, when he argues that the premier seems not able to figure out a deal without looking greedy and this deal looks very greedy. Norman mentions the total raise at well over 29 percent. Harry has an option go with the consensus position of the cuacus or go find another seat to sit in the house before he gets removed from caucus. Harry is making more money now than I figure he has ever made before for less hours Inside work as well. No green chain for our buddy Harry. Another Lefty Rafe Mare talks about pay raises and those long hours worked to keep oneself elected. Good bye Harry

Raife has been there, so his story in the Tyee is
very much true. There hasn't been much of a change in what an MLA actually does to justfy a
29% increase, and he is correct, there's no equivalent to an MLA in the private sector as the
MLA does not 'run' the riding, that's done by the local riding association.

It's also interesting that the volume of the Premier's Office has increased exponentially, but
just how much of that is actually needed?

Much of the work is done by the constituency office people

The attending of openings and community event ribbon cuttings is optional and not really part of the job, but MLA's do it for the politics and to get remembered at voting time.

Some go to extraordinary lengths to do that, putting on their own fundraising events which are not part of the MLA's job (that used to be done solely by the riding associaitons), but become
very poor in providing voter access to the MLA
or actually going out to find out what the voters
actually think.

The MLA is paid to represent the voters in his or her riding in Victoria and to assist the voter with provincial government related programmes.

Perhaps if the MLAs are complaining about the long hours may it's time for everyone to pull back on the puffery and get back to the basics.

Constit staff do most of the work. Half of the MLAs dont even have IQs over 100...alhough they all know how to smile =)

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