Ivory tower fever?

Earlier, we reported former children and family development assistant deputy minister Jeremy Berland had left the groves of academia to become executive lead of special projects at attorney general. And why has he left, you may wonder? After all, Mr. Berland is just a year into what was supposed to be a two-year secondment at the University of Victoria. Well, in an email sent to fellow staff and faculty members, Mr. Berland doesn't offer much of an explanation, except to say, "While I would have preferred to remain at the School, this was not an available option." Curious. The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: Jeremy Berland
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 10:25 AM
Subject: Message to faculty and staff

As many of you know, I have accepted a position back in the bureaucracy as 'executive lead - special projects' in the Ministry of the Attorney General. While I would have preferred to remain at the School, this was not an available option. I am writing now to thank you for the incredibly weloming environment you created when I first came to the School last Spring. Given the highly charged atmosphere around child welfare at the time, it was fabulous to be embraced so warmly! This past year has been a very refreshing sabbatical for me. I have learned a great deal, been exposed to new ideas and approaches and made some great new friends!

Sibylle and Daniel have ageed that I should remain connected to the School and I intend to be a very active member of the adjunct club. I still have a number of projects on the go and expect to be up at the school as often as my new schedule permits. My main message to you all, though, is to thank you again for having been so helpful and thoughtful. I think the School of Child and Youth Care is an amazing place and plan on telling everyone I know about the kind of good work and great people found here.

Jeremy Berland
Adjunct Assistant Professor
University of Victoria School of Child and Youth Care

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I am wondering what special projects he might be involved in. Perhaps he will be helping the AG with their support of the new Representative for Children and Youth. The AG is also reviewing the Family Relations Act. Wouldn't it be interesting if a short sojourn at UVic is all that is needed to redeem years of failure at MCFD? My sense is that he was banished to UVic to allow MCFD to bring in the great white saviour from the dark continent. Leaves me wondering about who is running the ship at any given moment.

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