Sometimes sorry isn't enough

Provincial New Democrat legislator Harry Lali hasn't been suspended from caucus. Nor has he resigned as caucus vice-chair. But Public Eye has learned that, today, Mr. Lali was relieved of duties as citizens' services critic until July. Last week, the Yale-Lillooet legislator apologized for speaking out in favour of the independent commission to review MLA compensation's controversial recommendations.


Harry appears to more concerned with extra cash han most of his caucus buddies. He shouldn't get the chance to resign for the extra pay position. Carole should put him in the back corner as a independent and the sooner the better. His flipping around might grate on the rank and fie aprty members enough to keep the contributions down. My God if he gets the raise he could toss a few thousand a year into the party coffers as a sort of hair shirt deal. Will that happen? Of course not there are some greedy people in the house. I sit and watch question period and ask myself" who is worth the pay they get now, not what they are after. When Rafe Mare, David Shreck, Norman Spector and 67 percent of the BC public polled on the pay issue are on the same page, some overpaid folk should really check their ambitions. Are they there for a short time, or a very well paid time? Nothing but the best people will apply says Gordon , well this bunch fought hard to get therer and fight harder to stay there.

Good, one down, just a couple more to go. With a House Leader as Carole's right hand man, I am certain there wont another "dissent" from the caucus.

With Greg Robertson wavering on the decision of running the for Vancouver Mayor, hopefully Carole will have enough time to find another successor that she actually wants. These Clarkerian-era NDP MLA's certainly arent getting any younger.

Higher MLA salaries do not nessesarily attract
the best people. ( Anyone ever thought that line was said 20 years ago?)

It doesn't depend 100% on who the best people are in business, but rather who are the best community
minded people who actually make the better politicans.

I've seen good people take a step down in pay to
serve as MLA and they were very good at it. But
I've seen others who shouldn't have been there in
the first place (Pat McGeer comes to mind).

There's others who served who got a step up in income and ended up being very good MLA's, and others who sought being MLA to get a regular paycheque and ended up being dismal (there's a few of those on both sides of the house right now).

It all comes down to the quality of the person,
not the quantity of money displayed on the government paycheque.

Relieved of his duties as citizens' services critic? Oh the horror and inhumanity of it all. How will Lali cope with such a severe punishment? That Carole James can sure be tough when she wants too. I was wrong about her all along.

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