A watched pot never boils?

Back in February, Children and Family Development Minister Tom Christensen said that timelines for establishing non-aboriginal and aboriginal authorities had been discarded because "government will not force the process by putting a time frame in place." But a confidential action plan, dated 2007, states "accountability for sustained progress towards goals and timeframes is a fundamental component" of the ministry's transformation process - which, presumably, includes establishing those authorities. Or perhaps an exception was made? Earlier, Public Eye reported the Vancouver Island Aboriginal Transformation Team notified stakeholders their authority would begin service by 2008 - having been "recognized in provincial legislation."


Having successfully used the never-ending "transformation" for six years to divert attention from the Ministry's ongoing failure to live up to its core mandate, why stop now?

As long as successive Ministers and Deputies can convince us to keep our eyes on the transformation ball, while ignoring the kids, families and adults whom it's supposed to be all about, they can continue to pretend that they actually know what they're doing and that it's all going to be sustainable, accountable, well-managed, cost-free, person-centred services once we reach that mythical day when transformation is actually achieved.

It's like the coming proletarian revolution!

I'll believe it when it happens.

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