The spray paint lobby

In the category of subliminal messaging: on our way to Rockpile, we spotted a van parked near the press gallery parking lot. On its side was painted "In Gord We Trust!" in grafitti-style letters. So is this another element of the provincial Liberal's alleged media manipulation activities or simply an indication the Campbell administration has got the graffiti artist vote? Just askin'!


Media Manipulation give me a break. This is par for the course in public politics. When large unions are on strike their members are organized to stack the calls. The NDP are no slouches either take Bart from Burnaby who sounds suspiciously like a two time NDP candidate in Burnaby who calls during the noon hour regularly. The stations have the power to keep these people off. All they need to do is put in a 2-3 day call rule and screen their calls better.

It may be media manipulation but it should be called 'citizen voter manipulation'. I agree that others do it but the party in power should NEVER do it as a matter of trust and ethics. This is too much like Big Brother and I don't like it.

Remember whatzisname the Reform/Alliance/Conservative member who called in to a radio show and was outed on air?!!! Wonderful.

"Media Manipulation give me a break."

I agree with you up to a point, JC. (JC = Jean Chretien perhaps?)

The allegations so far aren't really scandalous like the Sponsorship caper the national Liberals pulled. And I don't expect voters in pubs and cafes around BC to be talking this one to death, overlooking the playoffs.

But for the more informed voters, maybe 10% or so of the total electorate, these allegations paint a new picture of the BC Liberals. It exposes the BC Liberal myth that they are just bunch of Yuppie business professionals who have graciously agreed to put their lucrative private careers on hold for 4 to 8 years while they go away to Victoria and run the BC Govt and economy according to principles of good management and efficiency. It shows that this provincial government is completely dominated by men and women who are total political junkies, 24/7, 365. Their only marketable skills relate to the game of politics. They have no other capabilities.

Perhaps that's why the Convention Centre is $300 million over budget, and yet Dobell just keeps on rolling like Old Man River. And just on the subject of the conventions centre, if David Anderson and the federal Liberals had agreed to let Glen Clark build the convention centre in the late 1990s, early 2000s, it would have been finished before China's demands for steel and materials started to jack up prices! But once again, it was the game of politics that came first, not the business of government.

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