A relationship of trust

Last week, the Campbell administration appointed Terry Kuzma to the New Relationship Trust's board of directors. Of course, we're confident Mr. Kuzma - the woodlands manager for Carrier Lumber Ltd. - is more than qualified for that post. But our astute readers may also be interested to know he was also the campaign co-chair for Agriculture and Lands Minister Pat Bell in the recent election. And in that role, Mr. Kuzma "committed literally hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to the campaign." This, according to Minister Bell's 2005 budget speech. Asked whether there might be a perception of political patronage related to that appointment, Minister Bell said, "Not at all. It goes through the (board resourcing and development office) process, as you know. And it's vetted thoroughly. And I think Terry's a great choice for this. He has a track record of being able to work with First Nations" - adding that Carrier Lumber has a close relationship with two different aboriginal groups in northern British Columbia.

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