Wake up calls

Further unproven allegations of media manipulation by the provincial Liberals were made this morning in court. This, according to our colleague Bill Tieleman, who is covering the Basi-Virk case. But, in a stunning show of political agility rivaled only by beached whales and constipated hippos, the New Democrats didn't ask government about those allegations during today's question period. Meanwhile, Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong declined to discuss the matter, telling Public Eye, "I'm not going to talk about what's going on in court today." So are you aware of any media manipulation which has been undertaken the Liberals in the past or present, we pressed. "No," he responded. "And I'm not going to talk about what's going on in court today." For her part, Deputy Premier Shirley Bond said she was "absolutely not" aware of such activities. Meanwhile, the premier's chief of staff Martyn Brown didn't stop to talk with Public Eye when we asked him about the allegations on his way to caucus. Earlier, we reported the Liberals have a history of media manipulation, which isn't connected to the statements being made in court by defense lawyer Kevin McCullough.


This media manipulation deflection is quite silly and nothing to do with the trial. If Basi took a bribe from a lobbyist he is guilty, it doesn't matter if he can prove the Govt did something else wrong.

And no one really cares about about fake calls to a radio station, if it wasn't for political types and special interest group flunkies calling in, there would no one to talk to.

As media manipulations go, this disguise-your-voice-and-phone-the-open-line-show stuff is pretty small potatoes. Now, if we start hearing about other issues, ... well, ... please EMail me at once!

Would someone stop playing with the thermostat?

Eventually, you may find the naked running on empty.....


You'd think they would have learned by now.....

"Eventually, you may find the naked running on empty....."

Alex, please please please don't even think about actuallty trying to do that (even though Greeks did run around nude in ancient times).

...to be continued..

(cue dramatic tense music)
(fade to black)
(roll end credits and ending show music)
(fade to black)

(fade to commercial)
(short haired burnette dressed in white shirt and pants and runners is shown dancing in green open field on a bright sunny day. Soft upbeat music in background)

Feel fresh! Feel Free! new Maxi-Thins feminine hygiene self adhesive pads..

Carole James would make an excellent appointment in anyone's Senate.

Blue Boy,

You're right, open fields are usually not occupied by me in anything other than armour...so you needn't worry that my over bundant Greek frame would be adorned with anything less.

More to the point, this whole issue is just an embarassment. Call-loading open line shows is pretty simple stuff. The notion that they couldn't get a crew together (like any other political party) of unknowns, script in hand, is pretty ridiculous. Forget the issue about the Opposition. Adrian Dix is almost alone. Only so much he can do.

Moreover, using taxpayer funded email for strictly partisan work?????

Who's handling their alleged media manipulation unit, Allen Langdon?

"Moreover, using taxpayer funded email for strictly partisan work?????"

More definitive would be why should people at
BC Liberal HQ be wasting party time trying to
be elementary kids calling into a talk show?

Forget it Alex. I know the answer.

"To support the Premier".

But he didn't need that kind of junk support.

It's soo elementary school, dear boy.

The Basi, Virk, Basi defence team is doing brilliant work.

A quick run-past may suggest that "Media Monitoring" is nothing to get steamed about. That's not the point.

The point is that Defence is showing the chain of command: who wanted what done, who was designated to do it, and who did what.

Dave Basi is shown receiving orders from the Premier's office. Dave acts under direction ... from the Premier's office. Therefore, Dave was used by the premier.

Defence is arguing that the aides to the Ministers did not initiate decisions on their own, regarding B.C. Rail. Therefore, Basi, Virk, Basi are not guilty.

They are arguing that (as Gary Mason explained to us on 23 Dec. 06 in The Globe) it's about dumping the guilt on the 3 brown guys, letting all the white guys dance off into the sunset.

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