The gateway to enlightenment?

Despite provincial New Democrat transportation critic David Chudnovsky's recent appearance at a mass rally protesting the Gateway Program, the party still hasn't said whether they actually oppose that highway expansion initiative. But could it be that the days of hand-wringing and navel-gazing are at an end? That's the question some are asking following news that Lower Mainland New Democrat legislators met yesterday morning to discuss the matter.


What news? Who was there, ... and where was there? Who called the meeting, etc. What was the result?

Maybe somebody should ask an NDP MLA. Maybe they might tell you.

Right you are, DL, ask an MLA. But which ones were actually there, and at whose invitation?

It could either be a turning point, or a massive failure of political will.

I don't care what position Cora Dithers takes as long as she takes one. Finally.

The NDP are a massive failure of political will.

Sure aren't the hated and respected at the same time NDP as they were back in the 1980's.

One sure learned to politic with that type of NDP

Certainly not like the wimps the NDP are now.

When do we find out the details of this meeting, such as the results for one thing.

"When do we find out the details of this meeting, such as the results for one thing."

Budd, contact Chudovsky yourself and ask.

Is that too hard for and NDPer like yourself to do?

Bud's right. Where's the results? Did Farnworth and Surrey win the day? or Vancouver?

Yes, this is the old NDP tactic, with oen little difference though, it has not received the blessings from above.

As long as Carole James continues to play nice with BC Liberals, rallies will only be "celebratiosn of democracy" without substantial significance. When Carole said she wants to see NDP loyalists "off the list", or something in that regard, I guess she really means it.

Since there is no one prominent enough at the grassroot level other than Adrian Dix that appears capable of winning an election to form a government, Carole will continue to her movement of "party moderation", making the next NDP provincial nomination race much more interesting to look forward to.

FHK, can you provide an English translation to your last post. I have no idea what you're trying to say.

1. Carole James really isnt fond of these grassroot protesters/union activists and want them gone from the party.

2. This sort of party image moderation is making NDP indistinguishable from BCL, and NDP support will continue to flow to BCL as long as BCL keeps making us believe that they are the reasons for BC's booming economy.

3. Certain people like Evans and Farnworth want to see these NDP loyalists back and use them against Carole James, but none of them can replace her or is capable of bringing NDP to a majority.

4. Therefore, NDP is doomed.

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