Big ticket item fails to sell

Last year, the Liberals grossed $3.3 million from fundraising functions across the province. This, according to financial reports filed with Elections British Columbia. But not every such function was a moneymaker. The South Fraser Leader's Dinner, for example, actually cost the party $2,533. This, despite the fact the October 2 fundraiser grossed $101,978 - including $3,875 in bars sales and $11,400 from sponsors. Fancy that!


Does these mean donors get no tax reciept for their contribution?

The donors get a tax receipt for their contribution.

The riding association has to pay the bills.

Seems they spent too much on the event itself.

Most of the others returned a 30% to 50% profit.

Not bad.

But those are last year's events, before the big
40% cut came along.

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