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"Few mainstream newspapers will touch 9-11 conspiracies," wrote Kevin Potvin in the January 4 edition of The Republic of East Vancouver. The reason: such conspiracies are often met with "accusations of anti-patriotism, treason, and anti-Semitism." So you'd think Mr. Potvin, who publishes The Republic and is now the federal Green candidate in Vancouver-Kingsway, wouldn't be talking very much about 9-11 truth during his election campaign. But you'd be wrong. On his Facebook campaign Website, Mr. Potvin encourages would-be supporters to come meet him and talk "about 9-11 truth and implications for Canadian foreign policy, at Beans Cafe, 3365 Cambie Street, Friday April 13 at 1 PM."

In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Potvin explained, "Prime Minister Kim Campbell once famously said that a campaign is not a time to raise issues. I couldn't disagree more. A campaign is not just a horse race of trying to win a popularity contest. A campaign is a search for issues that matter to Canadians. There's not much of an opportunity between elections to get issues talked about in public forums the way a campaign does - with all the attention and media. So this is the time to bring issues forward. And I think there's enough suspicion about the origins of 9-11 to make it an issue since it has so much to do with Canadian foreign policy, which will be such a major file during the election."

"So much of the thrust of Canadian foreign policy was radically alterted after 9-11," continued Mr. Potvin. "And foreign policy itself skyrocketed to almost the very top of government's agenda. So it's important to get the idea of what happened correct. Because we're basing a lot of what we're doing - on the military file, on the foreign affairs file, on the trade file - on a certain story of what happened on 9-11. If the story is different from the one that is subscribed to by the major political parties, then it would have major implications for our foreign policy. For instance, if our security policy is based on the idea that there are Saudi Arabians with box cutters looking to take over planes and smash them into buildings, that requires a certain response. But if the security threat is rogue elements within the U.S. Pentagon or the U.S. government, that requires a whole different response."

So what's Mr. Potvin's opinion on what happened on 9-11? "I don't have a complete idea," he responded. "I don't have a complete story to tell. All I can conclude at this point is that the official version that comes from Washington sounds less reliable than a lot of other stories out there. But I have no idea what the story is. I just know what it isn't so far."


yeah I had a friend email this 9/11 conspiracy BS and the only reason they believe this stuff is because they are uneducated.

I'll write here what I wrote to the friend: LISTEN Bush can't do anything competently - do you really think his administration had the brains to orchestrate 911? Only an idiot thinks that.

And on top of that it really is beyond the pale to say Bush is so depraved as to plot and perform an attack on his own soil - only the most frothing in the mouth leftist reactionaries feel this way - they are letting their emotions guide their cognition - foolishly and wastefully spending their time on this idiotic conspiracy crap.

it really is dumb. there is this "documentary" Loose Change that plays fast and loose with the facts buit check out Screw Loose Change for a takedown of that garbage.

Sean, at least add your photo to facebook, aggregate your RSS feed, and update your profile.

Also, there is a group called "I Facedrop" devoted to lurking around Facebook looking for information.

-Dan Grice,
GPC Candidate Vancouver Quadra.

Does May know about this? How long did it take for Day to be stamped as 'flakey' with the story about men and dinosaurs walking the earth at the same time... Conspiracy theories are fine for general discussion and floating outside the arena of politics, but you'd think a guy like Potvin was intelligent enuf to know that it also leads to a lot of unelectable labels.
Whether or not there's credence to his theory, now he's just another 'lefty nutbar', or that's how the whispering that the media listens to will frame it.
Of course, he knew he had no chance anyway.

Intelligent "enuf"? I do hope that was intentionally ironic.


This article speaks for itself

Why would anyone be surprised if Kevin Potvin subscribes to 911 conspiracy theories? How is that any more irrational that his adherence to various Port Mann and Gateway conspiracy theories?

There is only one difference. The latter two theories are ones where he has lots of highly placed backup and support from more establishment politicians and interests than he would with a faintly anarcho 911 rant.

9/11 was an Inside Job...

I have been researching 9/11 for over four years and there are serious unanswered questions from that day. Although, most in the mainstream media and lots of others call anyone that questions the official story a nut job, crazy or unpatriotic I appreciate that you would involve yourself in this delicate subject. People are attacked for proposing alternative theories without discussing the subject matter of what the person is proposing. see ad hominem logical arguement.

There are many important unanswered questions from 9/11, I will propose 5. I hope you investigate these for yourself.

1) Never in the history of steel structures has a building collapsed from fire yet 3 did on 9/11; WTC tower 1,2 & 7. all three buildings came down at free fall speed with no resistance, tower 7 was never hit by an airplane yet came down symetrically in seven seconds? Additionally odd, tower 2 fell before tower 1 although tower 1 was hit first and tower 2 was hit with a glancing blow. The explosion/ collapse in tower 2 started above where the plane hit the tower? Jet fuel burns at only about 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit in the open air and structural steel does not melt or even get significantly weakened until more than a thousand degrees hotter with a melting point of near 3300 degrees F.

2) There is no large plane wreckage in front of the Pentagon from the 757 that hit it. Taking from the official story, the 757 that hit the pentagon flew over a highway, parallel and 15 to 20 feet above the ground and impacted the pentagon between the 1st and 2nd floor. (official story) The airplane did not leave any markings or large debris (ex wings) on the front of the pentagon. the 757 suppossedly was sucked into a 16ft by 24ft hole, before the ceiling collapsed a 1/2 hour later, and incinerated. how did this plane hit only 15 ft above the ground after descending so rapidly without ever hitting the ground and flown by an amateur pilot? The 3 slides the pentagon released to the public shows a small shaped device flying horizontally, very low to the ground and leaving a small smoke trail. How come the Pentagon has not released video from the cameras mounted on the roof? lastly, after travelling through three rings of the Pentagon, the plane or whatever it was left a small circular exit hole in the third ring.

3. All four hijacked planes flew for an average of 40 minutes, 1 hour 50 minutes total, without any fighter jet intercept over NY and Washington. As you are aware, NY and Washington are some of the most protected airspace in the world.

4. Where is the plane wreckage from the plane crash in Shanksville, PA? in pictures and video all you see is a small ditch with no fires, plane debris, seats, bodies, etc.?

5. How was the Patriot Act and the War on Terror so
quickly developed after 9/11? Was this new program a reaction to 9/11 or something that was worked on before September 11th and just conveniently ready for a terrorist attack?

9/11 was an inside job, a false flag operation. Sadly, the sophistication of this operation points more towards state
sponsored terrorism than a small group of bandits inside a cave. I continue to hear government and military officials saying we are fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq and globally. Does this mean as the lone superpower we suppossedly were attacked by this rag tag group on September 11th and have been fighting them for the last 6 years without 'mission accomplished'? How often have our leaders evoked the memory of 9/11 to rally our people for certain causes (i.e. Iraq)?

fight on in peace. I hope you decide to investigate the truth of 9/11 for yourself.

Shawn Cooper

PS For a summary and the best documentary of 9/11 I recommend watching Loose Change 2. You can watch it for free here-

or visit or and start your own research...

Lastly, alot of the public does not know that Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen are not the only ones questionning the official story of 9/11. Hundreds of scholars, public representatives, high ranking officials and survivors are questionning it as well. please see for more on this.

And for those looking for a little reason in their wheaties, here is the link that helps to answer some of the fallacies presented by loose change

That fire thing is hilarious to someone who studied pure and applied science at college and then biochem in university - hey how come no mention of the laws of thermodynamics in relation to a very fast and heavy jet smashing into the towers...certainly quite a bit of energy right there and one of the many holes in the conspiracy theories.

Shawn Cooper"

"Namaste"? What, are you a member of the Dharma Initiative or something? If so, can you tell me how to get to that Lost island while you're at it? :P

"Obscurantism is the refusal to speculate freely on the limitations of traditional methods. It is more than that, it is the negation of the importance of such speculation. Today Scientific methods are dominant and scientists are the obscurantists." Alfred North Whitehead

Great, that's another one who's figured out my dastardly role in this whole plot. Now I'll have to erase your memory too. Just step toward this little machine and close your eyes for a second -- it won't hurt a bit....

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