Nautical disaster?

It seems Living Oceans Society executive director Jennifer Lash isn't the only one critical of Exxon Mobil Corp.'s offer to help the Campbell administration lift the federal moratorium on offshore oil and gas development. In a news release distributed earlier this afternoon, the provincial New Democrats also raised concerns about Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Rich Neufeld's meeting with Exxon Mobil executives back in February. Said Mr. Neufeld's critic, John Horgan, "British Columbians won't be swayed by a public relations exercised sponsored by (Premier) Gordon Campbell and Exxon Mobil. It will only add to the mistrust people feel about the Premier's commitment to the environment." Exxon Mobil's offer was noted in a government report obtained exclusively by Public Eye via a freedom of information request. Minister Neufeld hasn't responded repeated requests for comment.


Ha ha, yet again, the NDP can't do their own research. Only surprise is that this time they're basing their release on a political gossip website, and not the mainstream media. Desperate?

I don't really understand the secrecy aspect of this, though. Everyone knew that the Libs were going down to Texas. I think they do it every year. Pretty sure they even do a news release. And I also think Minister Neufeld did a media conference call for the event, but I can't remember for sure.

The news that he was talking to oil companies at a (gasp) oil and gas conference really isn't news at all. Nor is the fact that they would want to promote exploration. It doesn't sound like there was any sort of agreement or "secret deal" to promote offshore between industry and government. I mean, it's right there in the Ministry notes!!!

Seriously... what did people think Government would talk about with oil and gas companies? The best cookie recipe? This whole thing strikes me as a little naiive...

Well, for a start they could have discussed onshore oil and gas development consistent with the existing policy and the views of BC citizens [i.e. the moratorium on offshore oil and gas development that was recently tested and found to enjoy broad public support]. Or perhaps environmental measures consistent with BC's new Green agenda to ensure public confidence in the face of all that oil and gas development & all the new pipelines planned up north, plus shipping in and out of the new terminal at Prince Rupert.

Is it really that naive to expect a Minister might engage in discussions consistent with official government policies and agendas and the will of the people of his province?

And would Gordon Campbell by any chance hold a few Exxon Mobil shares, of course, hidden and at least arm's length away from his broker's buy-sell desk?

You know, like a blind trust as in how CN Rail appears to have obtained BC Rail. Except for those in the know, we are all equally blind, right?

It's called perception management and now the Fibs will have the expertise of millions of dollars in how to sway(blind) public opinion on this issue by the multi nationals who have also denied global warming.Ask Exxon about the continuing sluge from the Exxon VaLDEZ.How much did they spend on perecetion mangement and how much did they spend on the actual clean up?

Energy extraction from our offshore will never happen in our life times because the First Nations will claim their traditional oil harvesting rights in the Georgia Strait. As much to our surprise Casino's were a native gambling tradition, I am certain an elder or two will be able to remember stories about getting lamp oil from the sea and trading it with other tribes. Therefore all offshore oil and gas belongs to the First Nations.

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