Rejection pains

The Lheidli T'enneh First Nation has rejected a final agreement initialled with the provincial and federal governments last October. Chief Dominic Frederick had earlier expressed confidence that the agreement would receive the 70 percent support needed to ratify the deal. "I have no worries, I am confident," he told Opinion 250. But that confidence seems to have been misplaced. Out of the 234 votes cost, 123 voted no.

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This isn't the first time a chief was convinced the band members would support treaty. The Sechelt did a similar thing a few years back. The excuse was they wern't aware of what they would be gaining. That was weird in my view. I had attended a large number of those maintables and without a doubt the membership attending as higher than any other main tables that I attended( 0ver 70 if one is counting)Chief Feschuk insisted on transparency at all stages. It's tough to lose a deal. But maybe this latest was more toward, we can get a better deal. Le'ts face it, Gordon just handed over more than 30 millions to two local bands in Victoria who claimed opwnership of the land the legislature sat on, even though history shows the band moved from the old Songhees one to Songhees two many years ago.The bands had decided to go to court because Gordon insisted a referendum when he got elected and maybe they rememebr he wanted to go to court to argue against the Nisga'a Treaty. Voters do strange things sometimes. let's face it, voters put Campbell back into power after breaking lots of promises.

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