The power of positive reinforcement

Recent reviews of Labour and Citizens' Services Minister Olga Ilich's performance in the legislature have been less than favourable. The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer, for example, described Minister Ilich - one of the "shakier members of the cabinet" - as being "all stumbles and gaffes" when responding to New Democrat accusations the Campbell administration had failed to protect farm workers. But today, when the Opposition came after with similar questions, she received some morale support from Deputy Premier Shirley Bond, who was spotted repeatedly telling Minister Ilich "good job" after two of her responses.


i read the story, the minister came across as quite lame,, easy pickens, you would think?
but the economys strong, rank and file are happy,there,s no downturn in site,
the average human being eats 15 pounds of dirt a year, treading water as usual, i,m sure the ndp can find some mud that sticks, or at least stinks.


I'm positive they will all continue patting each other on the back for just being along with a extra big pat for a job poorly done.

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