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When last we left Svend Robinson, the former federal New Democrat parliamentarian was working at the British Columbia Government Employees' Union as a staff representative. That was back in August 2004. So we're sure our readers are anxious for an update on what Mr. Robinson has been up to since then. Well, transferring his provincial party membership from Burnaby-Willingdon to Burnaby North, for one thing. Burnaby North constituency members voted to approve that transfer this past Sunday during their annual general meeting - which was held at the Confederation Seniors Centre. Under the party's provincial constitution, British Columbial executive members must still rubber stamp that transfer. Meanwhile, our readers can contemplate why Mr. Robinson might be on the move.


I suppose the obvious implication is that Svend may want to run against Richard T. Lee in the next provincial general election.

Nobody should dismiss Sven Robinson as a politician. He has done a great amount of good work. Yes he picked up a expensive ring and was shown to be suffering from a mental problem at the time. Let's face it, if he really planned to steal anything he sure wouldn't have done so knowing he was being seen by security cameras. and of course his salary was such that he could if thinking rationally, pay for it. I do hope Sven comes back into politics

Svend, huh.

That's the last thing the BC NDP needs right now. Well, I'll be supporting any other candidate who runs against him for the nomination and if that doesn't work, Richard Lee.

Holy Flying Saucers Batman! Does DL stand for drunk laggard?

I have never in my life seen a more pathetic excuse for a defense of a thief. Who would want anything even resembling Robinson back at all? Even prior to his theft, Robinson was an embarassment, period, end of story.

Now if you want to talk good NDPers, try a Broadbent, please.

Get a life.

Your right DL no one should "dismiss Sven Robinson as a politician" but they should dismiss Svend Robinson. I'm a loyal member of a NDP and a Burnaby North resident but I will not be voting for Mr. Robinson under any circumstance if he runs.

Well folks, it may be that you are worried that Sven might run again other wise you would not spend your time calling me a drunk laggard. But then again that poster was Tsakumis who knows everything and appears to hates anyone left of Attila the hun. I don't live in Burnaby but do know some folks from there who just happen to be NDP supporters and they are of the opinion that Robinson was the best constituency MP they ever met. My God the Libs have a MP named Hedy Fry who saw burning corsses in the interior of BC that nobody else ever saw. Yet she gets elected. The ring episode is getting tiring.

A guy decides to change ridings and everyone seems to go arms a flutter about it?

As Alex T. says

Get a life.

inlcuding Alex.

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