Marketing the mandarinate?

The provincial government is promising bureaucrats that "big changes" will be announced tonight at the Premier's Innovation and Excellence Awards ceremony - being held at the Victoria Conference Centre. And what will those changes be, you may wonder? Well, as our astute readers may remember, back in October, the Campbell administration said it would be developing a "marketing campaign that helps to communicate the identity of the BC Public Service to potential recruits. This campaign will also be geared to boost pride and morale inside government, and to communicate who we are to the public we service." So it would make sense for Gordon Campbell to roll out that campaign at the ceremony - just before government is scheduled to release its next work environment survey.


Being a bit more encouraging to those who actually want to join the Public Service would be a good start.

As in being a bit more uniform when it comes to
sending out rejection letters. Some Ministries
do that, while others don't. it gets to be annoying when you eagrly wait for a response and never get one. gets to the point where spending time in applying is a waste.

If someone shows an interest in a Ministry's mandate that someone should be encouraged to
apply or at least see where that person would fit
if there's an upcoming vacancy.

this is beyond bizarre. even while government appears to be concerned about recruitment issues, excellent staff with years of experience, at least at mcfd, are being fired and many, many staff still there, are not being confirmed in their positions.

this "marketing campaign" will do nothing to "boost pride and morale" given what we are experiencing ourselves and seeing being done to our colleagues.

it's talk without the walk, something we've experienced far too much of this past year.

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