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Earlier, we revealed children and family development deputy minister Lesley du Toit gets a $2,000 per month living allowance on top of her $207,900 annual salary. And here's a surprise: she's the only top bureaucrat to get such an allowance. This, according to the public service agency. Speaking with Public Eye, the premier's press secretary Mike Morton explained, "It's because of the fact she has a term contract. It's a four-year term contract. And she still maintains her permanent home in South Africa. And it was negotiated as part of her contract that, while she was here, she would receive a living allowance rather than moving her over here on a permanent basis."

That allowance means Ms. du Toit shouldn't have had much trouble finding lodging in Victoria. For example, Duttons & Co. Real Estate Ltd. presently offers a fully-furnished two bedroom suite in the "much desired" Songhees neighbourhood for $1,645 per month. For those who prefer downtown living, a one bedroom apartment - located in a "distinct character building" next to Market Square - can be had for $1,795. And, for $95 less, Duttons offers a home at The Reef, one of the newest developments in James Bay.


Now we have the comfort of knowing we're at least paying top dollar for her...

Couldn't the provincial gummint find someone local?

That $24,000 be put to better use rather than providing comfort home money.

At $204,000 a year she should be able to buy
a condo anywhere in Victoria, even an apartment
on Michigan Street.

There's an upper limit of how much should be paid out otherwise it keeps going on.

Doesn't the NDP pay attention to this?

A related and very important point is that staff moving to Vancouver or Victoria from the central and northern regions of BC, having won a competition or at the invitation/request of the government itself, are not compensated for being transferred to a significantly higher housing cost situation. Why should Ms du Toit be compensated via a living allowance when Canadian citizens who have dedicated themselves to the work of mcfd are not?

Sean, this is a question you might wish to put to Mike Morton. Why are the tax payers of British Columbia subsidizing the living expenses of someone from abroad when we are not assisting our own citizen public servants who are transferring their skills to Vancouver and Victoria?

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