How much butter is on their bread?

Over the summer, the provincial government announced the annual maximum payable salary for line deputy ministers would be increasing from $203,500 to $221,760. But what the government didn't mention is that, as a result of that increase, many of those top bureaucrats - who previously made $180,000 - would now be making more than $200,000. For those keeping score, that beats the $115,100 made by their elected bosses. And it's heads and tails above the median income of British Columbia families: $55,900. The following is a complete listing of those raises, which were confirmed in letters sent to each deputy ministers on October 20.

Deputy Minister Salaries

Annette Antoniak (BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games secretariat) $157,500 to $188,842
Lorne Brownsey (aboriginal relations and reconciliation) $180,000 to $207,900
Robin Ciceri (small business and revenue) $180,000 to $207,900
Emery Dosdall (education) $185,000 to $207,900
Lesley du Toit (children and family development) $180,000 to $207900
John Dyble (transportation) $180,000 to $207,900
Don Fast (economic development) $160,000 to $184,800
James Gorman (public service agency) $180,000 to $207,000
Virginia Greene (intergovernmental relations secretariat) $180,000 to $198,000
Dana Hayden (strategic policy) $198,000 to $228,690
Doug Konkin (forests and range) $180,000 to $207,900
Gord Macatee (health) $195,000 to $221,760
Cairine MacDonald (employment and income assistance) $180,000 to $207,900
David Morhart (solicitor general) $180,000 to $207,900
Linda Morris (public affairs bureau) $180,000 to $198,000
Bruce Okabe (tourism, sport and the arts) $180,000 to $207,900
Larry Pedersen (agriculture and lands) $180,000 to $207,900
Moura Quayle (advanced education) $180,000 to $207,900
Greg Reimer (energy, mines and petroleum resources) $180,000 to $207,900
Allan Seckel (attorney general) $185,000 to $221,760
Chris Trumpy (environment) $185,000 to $207,900
Tamara Vrooman (finance) $185,000 to $221,760
Lori Wanamaker (labour and citizens' services) $180,000 to $207,900
Sheila Wynn (community services) $180,000 to $207,900


Isn't Jessica McDonald a Deputy? Why is she not on the list?

'That beats the $115,100 made by their elected bosses.'

Might be one explanation why the Minister of all things children, youth and families seems to behave as though he's accountable to his Deputy Her Highness rather than the other way around.

So many of us placed great hope in this Minister. What a disappointment he has been.

"Her Highness" is back from South Africa and returniing to mcfd tomorrow. We're all living in anticipation of her next "bright idea". Here we go again.

"In the course of human affairs, never has so much been paid (from the public trough), to so few, for so little."

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