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Your humble organ is taking a few days of vacation this week. As a result, posting will be somewhat sporadic until next week.


So by the sounds of our provincial Politicians, they don't like Mr. Flaherty's budget. Sorry to say this but Mr. Gordon Campbell and his hybrid party had it coming.
Do you really think that everything was all nicey nice here in lotus land? Give me a brake! Like I said last year the lose of some conservative seats here was going to cost us.
The Two people you can thank for that is Gorgon Campbell and Mr. Marrisen. When their was a Federal Liberal Party our provincial Liberal Party looked too Conservative . Now that their is a Federal Conservative Party in power, our Provincial Liberal Party looks too Liberal. Funny how that works 'eh' You can't be everything to everyone Gordon. You Or Your Party members are either Liberal Red Or Conservative Blue. Mr. Gordon Campbell and your Liberal party, Thank you for costing British Columbia Billions of dollars.

Jim Van Rassel

Dinner's over Lorne. What's the word?

Ummm Jim, if you want to be taken more seriously, you may want to learn to use the spell check function on your computer.

If spelling is the major requirement for being taken seriously, we are in alot of trouble. Enough of right people take me seriously Billy Boy. Besides I'm ESL and I'm doing my best.

Jim Van Rassel

Jim, you got your message across just fine in that first post. Keep plugging away and tossing that stuff, because some of it always sticks.

In fact a good sign it's stuck to someone is when they reply by attacking the writer rather than the issue, as you just experienced.

Maybe you guys should give Holman a well-deserved break. Maybe reading is the problem and not writing. van Rassel's efforts coupled with breedingfart's buffering notwithstanding, post next week.

Alex, you contradict yourself by adding to the conversation.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just finished reading Ian King in 24hrs and it's time to read you.

To A.G Tsakumis
To my way of thinking the best way to communicate is to say what you mean and to mean what you say. Leave the goat talking for the goats and politicians.

Jim Van Rassel

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