Using the Internet for personal reasons at work - such as checking eBay auctions - can be firing offense. So some bureaucrats were surprised this week when the provincial government rolled out a Buy and Sell feature on its Intranet - which is usually only accessed when civil servants are...er...at work. "Check out the new BC government employee classified web site," reads a promotional link. "List items you want to buy or sell. It's free! You can even include photos!" Of course, we're confident this service will only be used when bureaucrats are on their coffee or lunch breaks.


For Sale:

One (1) used Premier.
Model BCL-095-GC Gordomatic.

As is, with accessories. Best offer.

Executive driven and operated. Two years left on factory renewable warranty, heavy duty chassis, good traction, excellent for heavy haul political applications.

Recently maintained and upgraded.

High visibility option factory installed.

Remote operation with provided control kit.

Starts very quickly for rapid response to major
incident applications.

Can be used in conjunction with other BCL supplied
models for multi-modal multiple location site work.

Power steering, power traction, recently completed tune up, all maintainance records available.

Features variable tone air assist sound emitter with variable sound level controls.

Unit has gone through high performance severe
service testing.

No site accidents or major repair work.

Comes with maintanance kit, and factory RMA number
for quick response for rapid replacement of
consumable parts.

Also available are a number of cover plating options for use in formal and informal site operations. Formal plating comprises of navy blue and light blue appointments, with red centre tie shaped stripe, and black traction shoes. Informal plating comprises of two tone beige, and brown
traction shoes. Blue and multicoloured plaid pattered cover plates are discontinued for this model.

This unit has performed well since it was rebuilt
after initial start up failure of parts in June 1996.

Since 2001, the unit has perfomed well, meeting or
exceeding customer specifications and surpassed
operational specifications in 2005.

This unit has approximatly 6 to 7 years of usuable
service left.

Extended warranty to May 2009.

The unit can be seen at the equipment yard in Victoria, and also can be seen in haul cycle operations nearby in the Legislature.

Caution must be excercised when operating this
equipment with sound setting set to high as WCB
required hearing protection will required when
in close proximity to the equipment when operating
at high sound levels.

This unit has been throughly inspected and meets
WCB guidelines for operations in field applications.

Includes all parts and factory provided accessories.

BCL-095GC Gordomatic

Built: 1995.
Rebuilt: September 1996, May, 1997.
Built for: BC Liberal Party (1994)
Tare Weight: Approx. 210 lbs.


Length: 2 feet.
Height: 6 feet.
Depth: 1.5 feet

Tare Weight: 210 lbs.
Carry Capy.: 60 lbs.

Delivery: FOB Legislature Victoria

Equipment viewing: BC Parliament Buildings,
Legislature, and Premier's Office (by appointment)

Requires Purchase order from buyer.

BCL-095GC Gordomatic
Equipment Shop No. BCGOVT:EX-001GCPR-00102.
BCL Shop No. BCLLDR003

For more information, please phone or write The Political Supply Post. Quote ad number on all

Photographs of this unit are available if requested.

AD 2007-007-8976541YQX

where's the link I want to see what civil slaves are selling?

WANTED [desperately]

an opposition
with a leader

no activist or eco freaks ,please.........

the people of b.c.


Yet another swipe at human activities in the workplace.

What kind of government do you think we'd have if only nose-to-the-grindestoner-8-hours-a-day robots need apply? This service is simply an acknowledgement of the reality that people don't have enough time to fit all their obligations into the gaps before and after work.

Let's not try to discourage ALL the normal people from working in government, or anything government-funded.

Despite the fact that there is a perfectly good FREE service in Victoria called usedvictoria.com, some IT eggheads in the Goverment feel the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to compete and provide their own free service.

Maybe while they are at it they should spend money and duplicate skpye and youtube as well.

No site accidents or major repair work? Huh?

Sorry Snivel servant, but a mere kick at the tires is all you need to see this old clunker has had to undergo several emergency repairs and paint jobs

And just where is your warning to prespective buyers to keep this model well away from booze and automobiles, especially if taken out of country?

I also understand the image (paint) dept. had to
apply many, many layers of laquer to cover a few of the dents.

I truly hope officials will ensure any ads coming out of the legislature at least offer a bit more disclousre than the usual press release from the same address.

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