Devilish details

Not to nitpick or anything - but we will. Because, thanks to some of our astute readers, we've found a few curiosities on Vancouver Quadra federal Liberal nomination candidate Cindy Grauer's Website. In a letter posted on that site, Ms. Grauer writes "I know Vancouver Quadra, I have lived here most of my life." But, in an email, she added "I do indeed live in Vancouver Centre…Granville Island…I was born, brought up, went to school and lived most of my life in Quadra."

Meanwhile, on her endorsements page, Taylor H.T. Briggs, her youth co-chair, is listed as having been the "Gerard Kennedy BC Campaign Youth Co-Chair." But, in fact, the youth co-chairs for the Kennedy campaign were Braeden Caley, Shelby Caravetta and Scott Ross. Mr. Briggs was the Kennedy campaign's University of British Columbia youth co-chair. Ms. Grauer has promised to correct the error.


Good to see the Joyce Murray campaign is busy studying Grauer's website and not selling memberships or converting votes. They wouldn't want to try and win this thing after all.

Nomination campaigns definitely seem to have the worst record when it comes to "errors" like these.

There are no safe ridings in BC, only safe candidates. Joyce Murray and Cindy Grauer both strike me as a bit cold. Catherine Evans is the only sure winner for the Liberals going into an election. Murray and Grauer may be attracting the big names but the people of Quadra are too smart to elect anyone but Evans.

Forget Axworthy, forget Larry Campbell, there's only one endorsement that matters in this race....the endorsement of vicki gabereau.

checkmate Grauer.

Is this the same Cindy Grauer who was in charge of the CRTC office in Vancouver for some time. Hmmm.......... I guess her stint was over.

Sounds like Ms. Grauer will be a good politician.

"Good to see the Joyce Murray campaign is busy studying Grauer's website and not selling memberships or converting votes.
They wouldn't want to try and win this thing after all."

Selling memberships is futile at this stage. The candidate selection meeting is likely going to be less than 42 days from today. Thus any new members signed up after this point will not be able to vote at the candidate selection meeting. The only way to win the nomination is to convert existing members.

Without delving into details, the 42 day cutoff was nullified on a national level when the nomination blackout was lifted. Rules relating to these kinds of things are at the discretion of the provincial green light committees when they call the mEetings.

Not much about Grauer on the website, but perhaps that is intentional.

This is the problem with candidates that grew up in
Quadra but later moved away. They may have vivid
memories of what Quadra was like in the 1950's and
60's, but do they understand the Quadra of today.
Catherine Evans have lived in Quadra for the past
eight years and been very active in the community.
She understands the issues that are important to
Vancouver Quadra today. That is what makes her the
best candidate for the riding in the next election.

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