Green money for black coal?

Yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced "that Canada's New Government intends to provide British Columbia with $199.3 million, as part of a new Canada ecoTrust to support provincial projects that will result in real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants." Those projects will include "providing clean electricity to remote rural areas now fuelled by dirty diesel, such as electrification of Highway 37." Funny that. Because the electrification of that highway will also benefit mining projects in the northwestern corner of the province - projects like the Mount mine. Indeed, the Dogwood Initiative came out against that new power line last year, in part because it "would create a literal gold rush (and coal, copper, and coalbed methane rush) in the Stikine and Skeena watersheds, opening up the region for more mining schemes."


Members of the Tahltan, The First Nation most affected by Highway 37 electrification, were recently in Victoria to protest the project. The community has had to face off one corporate giant after another to preserve the integrity of their traditional lands and communities.

The Tahltan are not against rational and sustainable development in the area. However the dozens of mining and oil and gas proposal threaten to overwhelm the small community and turn many of the areas lakes into tailing ponds.

Ultimately the $200 million "ecoTrust" money is being used to subsidize dirty mining and oil and gas projects. No way is this clean and green!

If business' that really are environmentally friendly want to invest in that area would that be a problem?
What OTHER kinds of business' could be productive in that area?

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