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A star candidate is about to descend into Saanich-Gulf Islands. In an interview with Public Eye, Land Conservancy of BC co-founder Briony Penn, former host of the environmental magazine show Enviro/Mental on CHUM TV, confirmed she'll be running for the federal Liberal nomination in that riding. "The rumour is correct. I'm turning in my nomination papers. They're not in yet. But that's my job today. It's kind of time."

But why not run for the Greens under Elizabeth May, we wondered? "I think most of the people in the riding I've talked to think the Liberals have the best chance under Stephane Dion. They think he's got the ability to engage and unite people," responded Ms. Penn. "And I think he's sincere and that he understands where a lot of the progressives are right now, which is we can't wait around any more. We can't wait for electoral reform. We've got a leader who's clearly showing a lot of leadership in terms of putting out the hand toward women, environmental issues, rebuilding the party and taking a lot of risks. And I can't believe the support I've got."


So it seems from that comment that Penn wants a fair voting system - good on her! But joining the party that's consistently ignored the problems with our undemocratic voting system, seems like a strange way to bring about a better democracy to me.

Dion has recruited a real true green activist here.

I am impressed.

I have always respected her; she will raise the level of debate. Good on her for entering politics.

Progressive voters will soon have to make a choice. Vote Green or NDP and hope these people can push the Tories into areas where they don't want to go ie the environment and transit for cities or vote grit. Seems they are starting to make up their minds...

This will keep Lunn busy.

Does this mean she approves Dion's performance as the Minister of Environment?

So the liberal party is actually much more right wing then I first imagined, but save that till April Fools.

So Briony wants to run for the liberals so she can obtain a cabinet seat when the sun starts rise from the west and Dion forms the government, but she chose the wrong party to do that.

It shows though how unconvincing Green Party really is and they will continue to pull votes away from NDP and never gain a seat. But I wonder what she means by we cant wait for electoral reform tho, sounds to me like she is a potential aisle crosser, or is it just me?

But moving on to a more relevant topic, what really makes her a star candidate? Does founding land conservancy, while well-known, make her more prominent than Shiela Orr? We should know soon enough.

If she wins the nomination I will have for the first time a hard decision to make. I may have to vote for the first time Liberal.


I would have thought that her job today would have been to raise the issue of Mr. Lunn's desire to liberate the oilsands via nuclear explosion*.

Then again, perhaps that is her job for tonight.

Or, at the very least, for her visit to a local, but extremely popular, Sunday am radio show?

*Which has actually been tried before, and it works. Only one small problem, the liberated fuel is highly contaminated with, would-a-thunk-it, radioactivity.

Anyone who can ride down the street undressed as Lady Godiva, for a environment causes, has the conviction to be a good MP. Way to go Dr. Brioney
But your skills arn't limited to horse riding as anyone who has read your articles or seen you on TV. Lots of luck. Should be interesting all candidates meetings with Garry Lund

Penn's resume is certainly impressive, but I too believe that if she is serious about the environment, her choice of party would be NDP, not Liberal.

It's unfortunate that many of the environmental NGOs in this country, rather than being true to their declared purposes, are putting petty politics first. Many of them are mad at Jack Layton and Nathan Cullen for deciding on a strategy of working for improvements to the Clean Air Act without consulting the environmental NGOs first. I wonder if these same organizations will now be backing Penn's candidacy in a riding where the NDP came second last time.

Quite a coup for Dion's team here in BC; Penn is not someone who would make a decision like this without some serious belief in the direction the party's going. Unlike FHK's team, which is more than happy to seed its suburban lineup with ex-liberals who'll be gagged and tagged as either nodding backbenchers or cute props for Harper's next photo op...

"Progressive voters will soon have to make a choice. Vote Green or NDP and hope these people can push the Tories into areas where they don't want to go ie the environment and transit for cities or vote grit."

Seems to me the NDP (and debatably the Greens, although they don't have any leverage in Parliament) already are pushing the Tories into environmental policies and transit funding that the Tories probably wouldn't have done of their own accord.

Penn running for the Liberals means she'll just get sucked into their vast force field of mediocrity. That's what the Liberals DO -- recruit talented people who have the potential to accomplish something, in order to use them as showpieces while effectively neutralizing them. Like, whatever happened to Stephen Owen?

In the last few elections in Saanich-Gulf Islands, the NDP have gone from nearly slipping to fourth place in 2000, to a competitive third in 2004, to edge out the Liberals and finish second in 2006. Penn will ensure that the vote stays split, and allow Lunn to squeak back in.

A coup???

Be serious, friends of the Earth.....

The NDP are done. They have no credibility left after Jack Laydown said over the weekend, and I quote, "The environmental movement is the single greatest cause since the war!" How f@@king sensationalistic and stupid is that? Very. And he continues to use the disgusting epithet of "deniers" against people like me, who, while acknowledging climate change, do not believe, at all, that if we didn't act until six months from now (an arbitrary point) that we'd be perilously close to environmental apocalypse at some point sooner.

We need a plan that works for everyone. Not pie-in-the-sky, unattainable milestones that are sewn tightly to some nefarious doomsday scenario, a la "A Convenient Lie", etc.

Of course Penn will head to the Grits. The Greens plan might as well be the Grit plan. It will hurt middle income Canadians and destroy a goodly portion of the economy.

It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic that the only party who have historically done anything substantive with respect tot he environment is the same party that makes sense on this issue now...vote Conservative.

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