The answer is blowin' in the wind

Are you obsessed with government waste? Would you relish the thought of debating progressive pundit David Shreck on a weekly basis? Well, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has the perfect position for you. Last week, the federation posted an advertisement on Jeff Gaulin's Job Board for a new British Columbia communications director. The reason: it seems the present job holder, Sara MacIntyre, is leaving the federation - effective March 28 - to become the public relations director at NaiKun Wind Development Inc. As some of our astute readers may know, NaiKun's president is Ray Castelli, former deputy chief of staff to then prime minister Kim Campbell.

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Good hire. Sara MacIntyre has been an effective representative for the CTF, in part because she managed to avoid the usual easy generalities and provide useful perspective on issues. It's easy for reps of such groups to offer easily predictable and irrelevant repetition of the doctrine. She didn't.

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