Putting a price on leadership

Your humble organ has written at length about Lesley du Toit since she became children and family development's deputy minister. But how much does she make taking care of British Columbia's most vulnerable youth? Glad you asked. According to documentation requested from government by Public Eye, Ms. du Toit is presently making $207,900 each year - in part, thanks to changes over the summer that increased the maximum salary for line deputy ministers to $221,760. But that's only part of the consideration Ms. du Toit receives. She also has a $2,000 per month living allowance. Which pushes Ms. du Toit's total compensation up to $231,900. The following is a complete copy of that documentation.


October 20, 2006

Lesley du Toit

Dear Lesley:

Further to my letter of July 21, 2006 and our discussions at Deputy Ministers' Council outlining changes to the Executive Compensation Plan, I am writing to confirm that effective August 1, 2006 your salary will be $207,900.00. You will continue to receive a living allowance of $2,000.00 per month. This is a change from your previous base salary of $180,000.00 plus the 10% maximum annual re-earnable bonus. Under the new Executive Compensation Plan the maximum annual salary for a line Deputy Minister is $221,760.

As you know the performance bonus plan for Deputy Ministers introduced in 2001 is being replaced by a 5% performance holdback. This 5% portion of your salary will be paid at the end of each annual performance review cycle, subject to achievement of prescribed objectives. The criteria for the performance holdback have been discussed with you, confirmed at Deputy Ministers' Council, and form part of your annual performance plan. As identified, these criteria recognize performance over and above core leadership and delivery responsibilities.

I want to thank you for your commitment to achieving the priorities we have set as a corporate executive, and I look forward to continuing to work together.

Yours truly,

Jessica McDonald
Deputy Minister to the Premier
and Cabinet Secretary

pc: James Gorman, Deputy Minister, BC Public Service Agency
Barb Severyn, Regional Director, Client Services, Public Service Agency


Boy, this is money well spent!

That's just obscene! (Yeah, yeah - I know we'll hear about the need to pay the big bucks to attract quality people, which will be easier to buy if/when we actually see some quality results coming out of this Ministry.)

But if we canned the salary for, say, just a month and the Deputy had to actually live on her $2,000 a month living allowance, it would still put her ahead of most of the working parents and kids whom she was appointed to serve. And maybe we'd finally get some results based on a real understanding of the challenges facing those families and what the Ministry needs to do to help them find ways to support their own children.

Could Sean please get his hands on her resume?

Do all Deputy Ministers receive a "living allowance"? If not, why is this DM receiving one and what else is she receiving?

It's a bit unusual for a DM at that pay scale to
receive a "living allowance". Has this been sent off to the NDP?

Snivel Servant writes that it is "a bit unusual for a DM at that pay scale....." What do you mean, SS? Do you mean that some staff in the provincial government who are not at that pay scale receive a "living allowance"? I have never heard of such a thing and expect that the tax payers of BC would want to know about this perk.

It is beyond belief that this DM is eaning more than 4 times what is earned by mcfd social workers, most of whom are highly educated with years of experience.

How is this possible?

A family of 4 on Income Assistance receives in the neighbourhood of $2,000 as a monthly "living allowance". That is a FAMILY OF FOUR.

Why does the DM of mcfd receive the same amount for a family of ONE?

Indeed, why does she receive a "living allowance" to begin with?

Well, we can ask the liberal apologist Kevin Larsen, who may find a beautuiful reductive way to justify this, as only he can

I'd rather have the opportunity to ask the Premier, the Minister and Jessica McDonald.

I'ts the Premier who ought to be held accountable the use of tax dollars.

When is the next election?

"When is the next election?"

May 2009.

Be there when it happens.

Remember folks, which ever leader wins the
next election gets a seat at the Opening Ceremonies as a VIP.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Carol not Gordon
was Premier then??

Worth smilin' about.

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