Are you nervous in the service?

Remember that work environment survey the provincial government did last year? You know, the one where just 29 percent of employees gave their executives favourable reviews. Well, the public service agency is getting to check the civil service's temperature again, rolling out the questions for their next annual survey sometime in April. Which may explain why some bureaucrats have been seeing a lot more of their bosses as of late.


OUR "boss" has left town so she's nowhere to be seen - quite refreshing that! - but these surveys don't make any difference. Anyone who has any integrity or intelligence has been fired and those who survive the purges become, as someone posted elsewhere on this board, the "snivel servants". Who can blame them? Most of them have families to feed and children to educate.

We need executives who are, first of all, NICE people, not bullies and egomaniacs.

Apparently last year's negative results were so upsetting to th'execs at this ministry, that we've been bombarded with 'feel-good' information for the past few months... oh, and 'team' day - don't get me started...

The survey arrived last year at a particularly grumpy moment and I remember thinking "oh what's the use" and getting small pleasure out of providing less-than-"HAPPY (Happy!, happy!!!)" answers...

so, are we to be truthful (okay, things have improved, but at cost of being harrangued/"communicated with" a LOT) or do we make nice and maybe they'll leave us alone???

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