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As our astute readers may be aware, it's somewhat unusual for deputy ministers to be out of country when the legislature is in session. So it will come as something of a surprise to some of readers - and not a surprise to others - that our good friend, children and family development deputy minister Lesley du Toit, will be in South Africa for the next three weeks or so. Now, in fairness, no one would suggest Ms. du Toit isn't committed to her job as the ministry's top bureaucrat - having earned a reputation for working long hours and sending emails late into the night. And the legislature is scheduled to take next week off. But estimates debate for children and family development is still pending. So one hopes she'll be returning in time to assist Minister Tom Christensen with preparations for that debate.


Actually it isn't unusual at all for D/M to be out of Victoria during Estimates. The Minister is usually very well briefed before the Estimates of his or her Ministry are due in the House and there is the A/Deputy Minister who will cover for the D/M if he or she is out of town, since the
A/Deputy Minister does much of the adminstrative top level work anyway.

In my view it is a very good idea for the DM to be out of the country and an even better one is for this DM to stay out of the country.

'since the
A/Deputy Minister does much of the adminstrative top level work anyway.'

What planet do you live on? It is most definitely NOT Planet MCFD. At MCFD there is noone but the DM who does any "top level" work. Indeed, there is noone but the DM who does ANY work that requires a decision. Ask anyone at MDFD if this is not the case. Those who have not become (out of necessity, I grant you) a "snivel" servant will tell you that is is most definitely the case.

Let's get real here: the only "top level" work being accomplished at MCFD is by us, the social workers who actually DO the work, while the well paid in "head office" just talk about it. I have heard and read enough blah blah about "transformation" and "best practice" to know that "head office", including the Minister, the DM and their new "secretariats" don't really have the foggiest clue how to respond respectfully and effectively to the needs of children, youth and families in this province. THAT is NOT what these people care about.

SHUT UP and let us do our work, okay???????? If "top level" = excellence, look to us for that!!!

Just throw more money at it ala health care style. That always works.

yeah right, Larsen, trivialize the issues. That's very helpful. I do agree, however, that mcfd social workers deserve to be paid more than the "living wage" we now earn.

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