California Dreamin'

The Campbell administration's new energy plan commits British Columbia to achieving electricity self-sufficiency by 2016, with 90 percent of our power coming from clean or renewable sources. But BC Hydro Corp. isn't the only one interested that power. On March 1, the California Public Utilities Commission granted the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. - the "authority to record up to $14 million in costs for external consultants to prepare a study to evaluate the feasability of obtaining wind-generated and other renewable electric power from various regions in British Columbia, Canada." Specifically, that study will address the "transmission costs and hurdles to the development of alternative routes which allow delivery of energy into California" and consider "the costs and benefits of various ownership alternatives and regulatory arrangements." The commission has also ruled Pacific Gas and Electric may apply to recover the costs of the study.


O my God. Where it says "to evaluate the feasability of obtaining wind-generated" it's just hot air.

But where it says "and other renewable electric power from various regions in British Columbia, Canada" it means the run of British Columbia's wild rivers.

Oh sure, California. Just help yourselves to what used to be ours. Used to be BC Hydro. Just go right ahead, as it looks as if B.C. has no way to stop the plunder.

Jeez, Jeez, Jeez.

BC Mary,
Maybe you dont read the paper and your not aware of BC's biggest wind project.

(And no its not all the hot air about Basi and Virk)

Wind power company wants to export to U.S.

Scott Simpson,
Vancouver Sun
March 07, 2007

A California utility's plan to scoop green power from British Columbia
and ship it south is attracting strong interest from a company with a
huge wind-power resource on the central coast.

Katabatic Power says it has about 3,000 megawatts of potential
wind-power resources at a 40,000-hectare Banks Island property near

Arnold, does your last name begin with "S-C-H..."???

Whatever California dreaming you may be doing you surely have to realize that there have been earlier proposals for wind farms off the coasts of both Vancouver Island and Moresby Island that have gone absolutely nowhere. The reason is transmission costs. When you add the cost of transmission to the high base cost of wind power you get a no-go decision. Someone needs to find a windy site that is close to an existing major transmission line. How far is your Banks Island location from the existing Kemano and Hydro major lines in NW BC? Would you need to install a heavy submarine cable?

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