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Footage of junior politicos singing campaign songs is almost always somewhat embarassing (at least for the viewers). Witness this recent home movie of provincial Young Liberals returning from the party's biennial convention. But it seems one New Democrat didn't think that movie was embarassing enough. An anonymous party supporter has...er...edited that footage. You can see the results for yourself.


A good reason to never ever take the offer of a political party offered bus charter to or from a convention with Young Liberals aboard.

That "For BC" song was played everywhere during the 2005 campaign. It was good after two plays, but after awhile, it grated on a person.

Wonder if these same people would be out there
putting up signs or folding leaflets into envelopes during a campaign?

The only thing worse than this would be the sight of Kelly Reichardt or Chad Petersen doing windmills, on top of the table spins, and other breakdancing moves at the Premier's Annual Fundraiser Dinner at Canada Place.

You have to admit its a catchy song. The quality/creativity that went into the re-posting on YouTube suggests to me it was the same 'production outfit' doing that as did the attack ads on the Premier during the last election - you know, the sick minds that created the ones where they made the footage of the premier is sped up, and made black and white and grainy.

"Attack ads on the premier"?

Max Power, surely you are not even suggesting that the stark, grainy headshots of the premier obviously suffering from post booze-up syndrome were created by anyone other than Hawaiian police officials?

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