O'Donoghue puts an end to speculation period

Earlier this month, Kamloops This Week's Dale Bass revealed provincial New Democrat caucus communications officer Mike Hanson sent an email to his contacts calling Minister of State for Mining Kevin Krueger a "potato-head." And now, a week after it was revealed he had been disciplined for that email, Mr. Hanson has tendered his resignation. In an email obtained by Public Eye, caucus executive director Mary O'Donoghue writes she has accepted that resignation, adding "there are no oustanding issues." She then goes onto ask that "MLAs" - yes, you read that right - "and staff refrain from speculating about the matter any further." The following is a complete copy of that email.

All MLAs and staff,

This is to inform you that I have accepted Mike Hanson's resignation, effective immediately. There are no outstanding issues.

I ask that MLAs and staff refrain from speculating about the matter any further.

If you have questions, please speak to me and please continue to refer all media inquiries on the matter to me.

Thank you.


Mary O'Donoghue
Executive Director
New Democrat Caucus


Personally, I don't think anything Hanson is reported to have said warranted any major penalties at all, let alone a need for his resignation.

Calling Kevin "Foghorn" Krueger a "potato-head"? How meek and mild can it get?

I am reminded of a case a few years back when the Saskatchewan NDP caucus fired a researcher for using the term "Shrub" to refer to President Bush. Another case of left wing hypersensitivity, probably reflecting some unresolved problems deeper down in the party's composition.

I beleive the genesis of potato head insult actually came from an editorial by Kamloops This Week a couple of elections back, but was originally aimed at Kamloops NDP MLA Kathy McGregor.

However, readers quickly reacted, pointing in the direction of Krueger as the real model of the spud dome.

The name was old news when Hanson ran against Krueger in a subsequent election, so perhaps he was reprimanded for being a bit dated in his efforts at research.

I agree with Budd. This isn't worthy of resignation. But if you keep demanding that others resign, maybe nobody will demand your resignation.

The biggest problem in that party are people like O'Donohue and Perry. Imagine her thinking that she has the authority to order around MLAs. They should tell her to go piss up a rope!

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