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Earlier, we noted the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch's stores reported just 69 percent compliance in fiscal 2005/06 with a government regulation requiring liquor licensees to ask anyone who appears to be under 25 for two pieces of identification. Solicitor General John Les has promised to increase that compliance rate - a goal which should now be much easier to meet. On Friday, the government discarded that regulation - which was applied to its stores on March 14, 2003 - because it was "difficult to enforce." So now only those who appear to be under 19 will be required to show two pieces of identification. Fancy that!


Order, counter-order, disorder. The entire 2 ID program was poorly conceived, and badly implemented. Worst of all, it was left to frontline staff to explain and implement this flawed policy. Just one example: under the rules, staff are supposed to ID the obviously young EVERY SINGLE TIME they come in, even if they return 2 minutes later. Attempts to enforce this nonsense have led to confrontations, and lost business as young customers refuse to put up with such harassment. (They just go to the local Cold Beer & Wine store- has anyone checked THEIR record on the 2ID process?) At no time did the LDB try to explain it's new policy to the public, or even to it's own staff who raised reasonable objections. Instead, they were threatened with the loss of their jobs if they didn't comply.
Gov't fails to explain how asking fewer customers for ID makes it harder for kids to get booze, and staff are once again left to try to explain this new policy to the public.

I know. We could just start a whole new gov't department that issues a special ID to people when they reach the age of 19. Only those with the proper card will be allowed to buy booze in Gov't liquor stores.

This solves two problems. The government can track all BC drinkers and at the same time eliminate Government Liquor stores completely.

I am kidding of course. Just can't resist remembering back to the old days when there was a huge push on to relax BC drinking laws so as to reflect a more mature European attitude towards alcohol. The answer is so simple it does need a new policy. If you are a pimply faced teenager you can't buy booze without a note from your mom.

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